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Petits Gâteaux Assortis

“Petits Gâteaux Assortis” is an assortment of eight different, bite-sized kinds of baked sweets.
Please enjoy all eight different scrumptious tastes.

● Caramel:
A perfect match with the financier shell, which has an enticing butter and almond scent.
● Matcha:
Gently baked so that it is extremely moist by combining the finest, flavorful matcha and a white bean paste.
● Chocolat:
Having a rich taste by using extravagant French chocolate.
● Fraise:
Offers natural sweet and sour strawberry flavors, which explode in your mouth.
● Financier:
The taste of butter and the fragrance of almond gently explodes in your mouth.
● Madeleine:
Hints of sweetness from honey and the fragrance of lemon and rum brings out a delicate taste.
● Pistache:
Made by using extravagant pistachios in a madeleine shell, which has the rich flavors of egg and butter.
● Framboise:
The brilliant color and refreshing taste of raspberries come to life.
Note:]Available period: all year round
Note:]Available period: all year round

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