Butter, almonds, ingredients form the foundation of our ideals.

Financiers from Henri Charpentier, since the first day it was ever sold, it has been evolving in search of the unrivaled lusciousness with our adherence to our commitment in finding the perfect ingredients and recipe. We are fortunate that we have been favored by many customers for more than 40 years, and we boast our world record in the number of financiers sold.

Cultured butter plays a critical part in the recipe for our financier. After a long search for the ideal cultured butter without success, we concluded, “If we can’t find the ideal butter, why don’t we make our own?” Today, we are making our own butter with raw milk from carefully selected origins in accordance with traditional French methods, to be used for our pastries. For the almonds we use for our financiers, we pay our utmost attention to the variety of them. We use the well-balanced blend of Marcona almonds that are referred to as “Queen of Almonds” feature bold aroma and juicy sweetness, and Fritz almonds, that feature an impressively savory flavor. In addition, almond meals are normally ground at the place of origin before they are shipped, however, we are persistent on bringing out the rich flavor of almonds as best as possible by grinding them right before mixing them into the batter.

We will go those extra miles just to get the right ingredients in order to satisfy our ideals. This is one of Henri Charpentier-nesses.

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